REVIEW: Whey Perfection Special Series

Review Whey Perfection Special Series

Whey Perfection Special Series


  • Contains 50% whey isolate
  • 23 grams of protein per shake
  • With real pieces of chocolate, fruit or vanilla
  • No artificial flavors


  • More expensive than normal Whey Perfection
  • Fewer different flavors

The Whey Perfection Special Series Review About:

  • Ease of use
  • Taste
  • Nutritional values

Whey Perfection Special Series! Is unprecedentedly good in terms of nutritional values, composition and taste. Completely free from artificial additives, no less than 50% whey isolate, real pieces of fruit, chocolate or vanilla and sweetened with natural ingredients. Whey Perfection Special Series is the absolute number 1!

All The Benefits Of The Whey Perfection Special Series!

  • 50% whey protein isolate
  • 100% natural; sweetened with stevia extract
  • With real pieces of Belgian chocolate, vanilla or fruit
  • From the makers of Gold Standard Whey
  • 23 grams of high-quality protein per shake
  • 0 artificial ingredients and yet incredibly good taste ”

Ease of use of Special Series Whey Perfection

The first part of my Whey Perfection Special Series review is about ease of use. Among other things, I look at the solubility of the protein powder in water and milk, the information on the label and the clarity of the instructions for use.

The protein powder itself is very fine, so it does not stick to your hands while picking up a measuring scoop. This fine powder also ensures that the protein shake easily dissolves in both water and milk. After a short shake you already have a nice shake. You don’t suffer from lumps in your whey shake, which makes drinking a lot nicer. According to the label, you take a measuring scoop (= 29 grams) for one dose and mix it with 250 ml of water or milk. Why one scoop is 29 grams and they have not opted for 30 grams (nicely rounded) I do not know, but of course you can determine yourself exactly how much powder you take. You will also find more information on the nutritional values ​​and ingredients on the label, in Dutch, English, French and German.

How does this new Whey Perfection taste?

When you drink a protein shake every day, it is nice when it is really tasty. That is why I judge the different flavors in my Whey Perfection Special Series review. Taste is of course very personal, but maybe others experience will help you find the tastiest.

You can buy the special Whey Perfection line in five different flavors, namely; Banana, Chocolate, Cookies & Chocolate, Strawberry and Vanilla. Although the taste range is not as extensive as with the normal Whey Perfection (and various other brands), I think there is a delicious taste for everyone in between. For the fruit lovers there is banana and strawberry. People who love chocolate more can choose from chocolate or cookies and vanilla is a taste that is always appreciated. You can also taste this when you drink a shake. Do you choose milk? Then you will get a fuller and creamy shake. This reminds me of a delicious milkshake!

Nutritional values ​​Whey Perfection protein shake

The most important point in all my protein shake reviews is of course about the nutritional values. After all, you want a protein shake to really be a valuable addition to your daily diet. It is important here that a shake delivers high-quality proteins and as few sugars and fats as possible.

For my Whey Perfection Special Series review I look critically at the nutritional values ​​and composition. When you take a shake of 29 grams of powder (such as the indicated dosage) you will receive the following macros.

  • Energy: 109 kcal
  • Protein: 22.9 grams
  • Carbohydrate: 1.6 grams (including 0.9 grams of sugars)
  • Fat: 0.9 grams (of which 0.6 grams of saturated fat)
  • Salt: 0.19 grams

As you can see, such a Whey Perfection shake provides a good dose of protein and the shake contains few sugars and fats. I find that very positive. After all, you take a protein shake to get more proteins in an easy way, without a lot of extra carbohydrates and fat. The composition is also fine, with no less than 52% whey isolate (the purest form of whey proteins). The Special Series Whey Perfection also contains whey concentrate and whey hydrolyzate. As an extra this whey shake is sweetened with a natural aroma of pieces of chocolate, real fruit or vanilla leaves. So no artificial substances have been added. Stevia is used as a sweetener.

The Whey combi

Whey Perfection Special Series therefore contains 50% whey isolate, but of course the total amount of protein is important. In addition to the whey isolate, the Whey Perfection Special Series also contains whey concentrate and whey hydrolyzate.

That is not a strange mix, but also not a matter of course. The difference between whey isolate and concentrate is the purity. Isolate normally contains more than 90% protein, while concentrate usually comes to around 80%. Mixing these two does not do much more than mixing two different degrees of purity. Ultimately, as a buyer, you are primarily interested in the total number of proteins in the pot.

In total, the new Whey Perfection contains 78.7 grams of protein.

Ratio hydrolyzate and concentrate unknown

Whey hydrolyzate can be a treatment of both types of whey, both from concentrate and isolate. But casein can also be used as a source for hydrolyzed protein (such as PeptoPro). Hydrolyzed proteins are proteins to which enzymes have been added. These must partially break down the long protein chains of amino acids into smaller chains of two and three amino acids (di- and tripeptides). This process is normally done by enzymes in the body. This operation ensures a faster uptake of the amino acids because part of the digestion process has already been initiated. This makes hydrolyzed protein an interesting, but also more expensive form of protein.

As it is only stated that Whey Perfection Special Series contains 50% whey isolate, it is not clear to what extent the other proteins are supplied from concentrate and hydrolyzate. That is an important difference in view of the mentioned properties and price of hydrolyzate.

Hydrolization degree

It is also not known to what extent the enzymes in the hydrolyzate have done their job. This can be indicated with a degree of hydrolysis and is the most important property of a hydrolyzate. In previous reviews we have seen differences between a degree of hydrolysis of 4% and a degree of hydrolysis of 30%.

Finally, it is not known whether the hydrolyzate comes from whey isolate or concentrate. Both can be used in practice as a hydrolyzate. The difference is therefore that one source contains around 90% whey and the other 80%. However, this is not very important, again because the total number of proteins that you ultimately ingest is stated.

Whether the other proteins for the most part come from a hydrolyzate of 30% or only a small part from a hydrolyzate with a low degree of hydrolysis makes quite a difference.

Compare Whey Perfection Special

Whey Perfection vs Whey Perfection Special Series

It is of course obvious to compare the Whey Perfection Special Series with the current Whey Perfection. I have to make a slight reservation because exact nutritional values ​​can sometimes differ per taste.

A comparison (per 100 grams)

Whey Perfection vs Whey Perfection Special Series
A Whey Perfection vs Whey Perfection Special Series comparison table (per 100 grams)
Whey Perfection Special Series comparison
a table of Whey Perfection Special Series comparison with other brands.

Now the importance of some values ​​is of course personal. However, the protein content will be something that every buyer looks at first. Not unimportant too; the level with associated lab results. This is almost comparable between the two, the “normal” Whey Perfection scores slightly higher. In both cases it is a mix of isolate, concentrate and hydrolyzate.

More striking are the differences in the number of fats and carbohydrates and therefore the number of calories. The Whey Perfection Special Series contains fewer carbohydrates and fats and therefore fewer calories.

Another difference is the type of sweetener that comes entirely from the stevia plant in the Special Series. This has moved away from the synthetic sweeteners sucralose and acesulfame-K in today’s Whey Perfection.

To get a better picture of the quality of this protein shake, I compared it with the same brands as with the price comparison. As you can see Whey Perfection Special Series scores well in comparison with other brands. Especially the low sugar content stands out. Unfortunately, the amount of salt is somewhat high.
Often only Gold Standard Whey works better (but this protein supplement is also a step more expensive than the Whey Perfection). Overall, a good quality shake, especially when you consider that these nutritional values ​​are completely derived from natural ingredients (no artificial additives).

Whey Perfection Special Series review: Conclusion

The new Whey Perfection Special Series is in many respects simply an excellent protein. With regard to the total protein content, the taste, the lack of added sugars and the use of natural flavors, fragrances and colors.

For a really analytical assessment, for example, to award a price to the different types of protein, a little more information would be needed. By that I mean in particular the ratio between the whey concentrate and the hydrolyzate and the properties of the latter.

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