The ideal exercises for round buttocks


Beautiful round buttocks, every woman wants them, but what are the ideal exercises for round buttocks?
Every woman wants them and every man wants a woman who has, nice round buttocks. It is often a goal for women who do strength training in the gym to get those round buttocks. Those women will do all kinds of variants of the Squat to train the buttocks. On social media you can also find images of tight buttocks everywhere with texts such as “do you even squat?” Or “she squats!”. But is this the exercise for those perfect round buttocks or are there better exercises? This article reveals the truth about the ideal exercises for round buttocks.

The gluteus musculus or the gluteal muscles.
The buttock muscles are one of the strongest muscles in the body. The gluteal muscles consist of three different muscles: the gluteus minimus (small gluteal muscle), the gluteus medius (middle gluteal muscle) and the gluteus maximus (the large gluteal muscle). The middle buttock muscle lies towards the side of the buttocks, the small buttock muscle lies below the middle buttock muscle and the large buttock muscle lies partly over the other muscles and is the muscle on which you sit for the most part.

the gluteal muscles
the gluteal muscles

The gluteus maximus is the largest muscle in the body (this does not necessarily mean the strongest) and is therefore the most famous buttock muscle. This large buttock muscle is most responsible for round tight buttocks. When you have a high fat percentage, and therefore probably also have a lot of fat on the buttocks, the fat ensures that your buttocks are not nicely round. The fat on the buttocks hangs a bit, so the round, tight shape is gone. In addition to exercises for round buttocks, a fat burner can also help with losing fat, so that the shape shows itself better. These can easily be ordered online via webshops such as Body & Fitshop, XXL Nutrition or Bodylab.

Is Squat the best exercise for your buttocks?
The Squat is a leg muscle exercise that is often used to get nice round buttocks. The Squat should be included in every fitness schedule.With the squats you mainly train your quadriceps (thigh muscles) but also the gluteus maximus is stimulated with this exercise.

The Squat is an exercise in which the knee joint is used as a “hinge”. Because you bend your knees with the Squat, the emphasis is mainly on the quadriceps and less on the gluteal muscles. Although the Squat is a very important exercise, this is not the exercise that puts the tension on your buttock muscles in the most optimal way.

Buttocks train from the hips
Buttocks train from the hips

Buttocks train from the hips
retroflexion of the leg muscles In order to train your buttocks optimally, there must be a lot of muscle tension in the buttocks. If you were to contract your gluteus maximus, your leg would move backwards with respect to the hip (retroflexion), this is done in collaboration with your hamstrings. To get that ultimate muscle tension in the gluteal muscles, retroflexion must occur in the hips.

As described with the Squat, the exercise comes from those knees, so it can be said that with the Squat the buttocks are not optimally trained. Fortunately, there are a number of exercises that emphasize training your butt muscles so that you can still get those nice round buttocks.

Exercises for round buttocks
If you still want to have really nice round buttocks, the following 3 fitness exercises for round buttocks will help you on your way:

The Glute Bridge
You can implement the Glute Bridge in different ways. This way you can perform it without auxiliary materials with only your own body weight. But you can also use a dumbbell or kettlebell to add extra weight.
To keep it easy, the basic shape of the Glute Bridge is explained below.

The Glute Bridge
The Glute Bridge Exercise

1. Lie on the floor with your arms along your side and your face to the ceiling.
2. Place your feet flat on the floor and make sure that your heels are slightly off your buttocks.
3. Then move up with the buttocks until you form a straight line between the knees and shoulders.
4. Keep your feet, arms, top of the shoulders and head on the floor during this movement.
5. Make sure the movement comes from the hip.
6. Then lower slowly and in a controlled manner to the starting position.
7. Repeat the above steps for the desired number of reps.

The Hip Thrust
The Hip Thrust is very similar to the Glute Bridge and is also an exercise that is perfect for strengthening the buttocks. With hip thrusts you focus directly on the gluteal / gluteal muscles. For the Hip Thruster you need a fitness bench and possibly a barbell or other weight.

Perform the Hip Thruster as follows:

the hip thrust exercise
the Hip Thruster Exercise

1. Start sitting on the floor with a fitness bench behind. When you use a weight, place it on your thighs.
2. Roll the barbell up so that it is directly above your hips and lean backwards against the bench. Your shoulder blades are on top of the couch.
3. Begin the movement from the feet and raise your hips until you can go no further.
4. During the movement you keep yourself and the weight stable by keeping your shoulder blades firmly on the bench and you support this with your feet.
5. Then, slowly and in a controlled manner, lower your hips to the starting position.
6. Repeat for the desired number of reps.
When you are just starting to do the Hip Thrust it might be wiser to practice the movement without extra weight!

cable kickback exercise
One legged cable kickback Exercise

One legged cable kickback
1. Attach an ankle strap to a low cable pulley and attach this ankle strap to one of your ankles.
2. When you do this exercise for the first time, make sure that you can hold on tight.
3. Hold your body in 1 straight line and then bring the leg that is stuck, with a slight bend in the knee, gently as far back as possible.
4. Tighten your abdominal muscles during the performance and exhale while bringing your leg back and breathe in when returning.
5. Do this exercise as often for both legs to train both buttocks evenly, you obviously do not want a large right buttock and a small left buttock.

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