Is Brown Rice Protein Powder Good For You?

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  • Brown rice protein powder is a ideal protein powder for weight loss
  • Helps with muscle growth and recovery
  • Has many health benefits
  • Is a allergy-friendly protein
  • Is suitable for vegetarians and vegans
  • Has additional benefits compared to whey protein

Rice may not be the first thing you think of if you want to get extra protein. In general, rice is known by athletes as a good source of carbohydrates, whatever it is. However, protein powder from brown rice is quite well known. Among other things, it is dairy and gluten free, healthy and not unimportant: a good source of vegetable proteins.

But what is Brown rice protein powder exactly? How is it different from whey protein? And how do you use it? It is all covered in this article!

What is brown rice protein?

Brown rice protein is extracted from whole, sprouted rice grains. It is seen as a complete protein source. The amino acid profile can be compared with that of breast milk. Rice protein is also rich in the amino acid leucine, which is important for muscle recovery.

Because rice protein is vegetable, it fits well in the diet of vegetarians and vegans. It is also a good choice for people with dairy, soy, or gluten allergies.

What benefits does Brown rice protein powder have?

When brown rice protein powder is consumed in a healthy way, it has a number of comparable and unique advantages over other protein supplements. It is of course suitable to increase protein intake and thus help with muscle growth and recovery. But in addition, there are a number of plus points that we would like to list and explain:

  1. Ideal protein powder for weight loss
  2. Many health benefits
  3. Allergy-friendly protein
  4. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans
  5. Additional benefits compared to whey protein

Brown rice protein powder is a ideal protein powder for weight loss

In general, protein supplements support weight loss. They limit food intake and accelerate metabolism. But research suggests some peptides in rice that brown rice protein in particular contains some peptides that stimulate weight loss even more than white rice protein or soy protein.

The protein powder from brown rice contains few calories and fat compared to other protein products.

It also helps digestion through the so-called thermal effect. The effect ensures that 30% of the calories from the rice protein is needed for its digestion. This makes it even more attractive to add it to your diet when trying to lose weight.

Brown rice protein powder has many health benefits

When you eat, your blood sugar and insulin levels rise. This reaction is called the glycemic response. After a while your body regulates it back to the normal level. Several studies prove that rice proteins reduce the glycemic response. In the long term, it can therefore contribute to the prevention of cardiovascular disease and other health problems.

Brown rice protein also contains many important antioxidants that help prevent oxidative stress. It sounds complicated, but simply said, it helps to maintain liver function.

As if the above health effects are not enough, research has shown that rice protein has a cholesterol-regulating effect. Too high or too low cholesterol can have various adverse health effects.

Brown rice protein powder is a allergy-friendly protein

Many people are allergic to one or more foods. When used, nasty allergic reactions may occur. Brown rice protein has the advantage that it is allergy-friendly. It is namely gluten, lactose and dairy free. So there is a very small chance that you are allergic to rice protein powder.

Brown rice protein powder is suitable for vegetarians and vegans

Vegetarians and vegans avoid animal products. Rice proteins are vegetable proteins and are generally grown organically. It is a suitable supplement for a vegan diet. If you want to be sure that you have ordered a completely organic product, check the product description.

Differences Whey Protein & Rice protein

First of all whey comes from milk and rice from .. rice of course. It is clear that the main difference between whey protein and rice protein is the source from which the protein is extracted.

Another difference is that rice protein shows a faster absorption rate for leucine. The amino acid that slows down breakdown of muscle tissue and limits food intake. Moreover, rice protein contains important antioxidants and fibers that are often not present in whey protein.

The two protein variants are comparable to each other when it comes to the effect of supplementing body composition and training performance. This emerged from a study by Nutrition Journal.

Nutritional values Of Brown rice protein powder

Brown rice protein is packed with incredible antioxidants and nutrients to support weight loss. It is also the answer to the question of what vegans eat. It is the perfect protein supplement for them. The nutritional value changes slightly depending on the brand of powder you choose.

How do you use Brown rice protein powder ?

Brown rice protein powder is generally used in shakes and smoothies, just like most protein powders. You can mix it with water or milk which drinks easily because of the mild, sweet taste.

The dosage depends on the product since the nutritional values ​​differ per product. It also depends on your protein requirements and the rest of your diet. Therefore, find out for yourself how much protein you need in addition to your diet. Also check the packaging before use to see how much protein concentrate is in it.

For the perfect amino acid profile you can mix rice protein powder or alternate with pea protein powder. Rice protein contains less lysine compared to whey protein, but the combination with pea proteins ensures that you get maximum results. On the other hand you can buy a rice protein powder that is supplemented with quinoa or chia proteins.

What is the best brown rice protein powder?

Top 10 Best Rice Protein Powders

1. Naked Rice 100% Organic shot by Naked Nutrition

Naked Rice 100% Organic shot by Naked Nutrition

NAKED RICE is a natural rice protein powder made with pure brown rice protein and with NOTHING else. It literally contains only one ingredient, making it an ultra-clean and good option. It is made from organically sprouted brown rice and packs no less than 25g of protein in each portion of it.


  • 25g protein per serving
  • Only 1 ingredient
  • Made with organically grown brown rice
  • No sweeteners, fillers or additives
  • Ultra simple and pure
  • GMO free, organic, gluten free, etc.
  • Excellent source of vegetable protein
  • Vegan

what does it have in it:

  • 25g protein from cultivated brown rice (organic)
  • Nothing else!

Who produce it: This product is produced by NAKED Nutrition, a major supplement and health product manufacturer. NAKED Nutrition focuses on producing clean and simple products to meet the needs of the healthcare community. Their products are very effective and avoid the use of something artificial or unnecessary.

Bottom line: Generally this is an excellent choice if you are someone who likes to eat a clean diet. With 25g protein, in addition to just 120 calories and 4g of carbohydrates, this is ideal for dieters, weightlifters, athletes, vegans and more. You really can’t go wrong with NAKED RICE – it’s our highest recommendation overall.

2. Growing Naturals Organic Rice Protein Powder

Growing Naturals Organic Rice Protein Powder

Growing Naturals Organic Rice Protein Powder is a high-quality rice protein supplement produced by a great company. It uses organic brown rice and natural sweeteners to create a tasty and nutritious supplement. With 24g of protein per serving, it has what you need to burn your muscles and give your body the nutrition you need to perform well.


  • 24g protein
  • Made with organic ingredients
  • Great source of high-quality vegetable protein
  • Made by a large company
  • Sweetened with stevia
  • Only 110 calories and 4g of carbohydrates
  • Excellent coverage in rice protein powder reviews
  • Vegan

what does it have in it:

  • 24g protein, from cultivated brown rice protein (organic)
  • Natural sweeteners (Stevia)

Who produce it: This product is produced by Growing Naturals, a large-scale food / supplement manufacturer. For years Growing Naturals has been developing, producing and distributing high-quality health supplements that use the purest ingredients. It is a brand that you can certainly trust because they have been around for awhile.

Bottom line: It offers a rich protein content with a low number of calories and a low number of carbohydrates. It also uses organic ingredients, which is great for those who prefer to eat a more clean diet.

3. Zen Principle Organic Brown Rice Protein Powder

Zen Principle Organic Brown Rice Protein Powder

Zen Principle Organic Brown Rice Protein Powder is one of the best choices for rice. It contains organic germinated brown rice protein, and nothing else. It is pure. It also contains one of the highest amounts of protein per serving on our list.


  • 26g protein per serving
  • USDA organic
  • Only ingredient is organically grown brown rice protein isolate
  • Pure and simple
  • An effect rice protein supplement
  • Mixing easily
  • Vegan
  • Well priced

what does it have in it:

  • 27g protein, from organic brown rice protein isolate (sprout)

Who produce it: This product is produced by Zen Principle, a manufacturer of natural products that uses sustainable ingredients to create innovative and effective health products. Their focus is on helping their customers improve their health, beauty and holistic well-being through natural products.

Bottom line: This is a good choice of rice protein powder and an excellent choice in general for any person. It contains one of the highest doses per protein portion of each product on our list. And it is made with organic sprouted brown rice and with nothing else in it. The only drawback is that because it is unsweetened , some people may not like the earthy taste of it.

4. Nutribiotic rice protein

Nutribiotic rice protein offers 13g of protein per serving. With just 60 calories per serving, it is very diet-friendly and the extremely simple ingredient list is great for people who really want to eat clean.

Nutribiotic rice protein


  • 13g protein per serving
  • Only 60 calories and 2g of carbohydrates
  • Made with full grain brown rice
  • Well rated
  • Complete amino acid profile
  • Lightly digestible
  • A good rice protein powder

what does it have in it:

  • 13g protein, from enzymatically processed brown rice

Who produce it: This product is produced by Nutribiotic, a large-scale supplement and manufacturer of health products. Nutribiotic is committed to helping their clients achieve better health through a balanced diet, dietary supplements and exercise. They believe that everyone deserves good health, and they develop their products to help people achieve a better health!

Bottom line: The dose of rice protein is slightly lower than average, but the portion is also quite smaller. It also comes from a great company, so it’s a good choice if you’re looking for a basic product to consume.

5. Sunwarrior – Classic Protein

Sunwarrior - Classic Protein

Sunwarrior Classic Protein is a vegan protein powder made from sprouted and fermented brown rice. It is a simple and nutritious product that can help increase your daily protein intake considerably. It offers 15g of protein per serving, with only 80 calories. And, sweetened with Stevia, it only has 4g of carbohydrates per serving in it.


  • 15g protein per serving
  • 4g carbohydrates and 80 calories
  • Made with raw wholemeal brown rice
  • Improves daily protein intake
  • Useful for athletes and vegans
  • Complete amino acid profile
  • Natural & tasty vanilla taste

what does it have in it:

  • 15g protein from raw whole grain brown rice (cultivated and fermented)

Who produce it: This product is produced by Sunwarrior, a manufacturer of nutritional supplements that specializes in vegetable supplements and vegan protein powders. Sunwarrior is all about creating innovative, healthy and effective supplements for the healthcare community, and they are a company that you can fully trust till now.

Bottom line: It has slightly less protein per portion than its competition, but that is only because the portion is smaller. Reviews of this product indicate that it has a really delicious natural vanilla flavor taste.

6. Jarrow Formulas Protein concentrate with brown rice

Jarrow Formulas Protein concentrate with brown rice

Jarrow Formulas Brown rice Protein concentrate is a fantastic organic rice protein product produced by a great company. It is USDA certified organic and uses brown rice without GMO. With 11g protein and 60 calories per serving, it’s an easy way to increase your daily protein intake naturally (and affordably) to.


  • 11g of protein per serving
  • Only 60 calories
  • USDA organic
  • Complete amino acid profile
  • Vegan and vegetarian
  • Vanilla flavor

what does it have in it:

  • 11g of protein from brown rice

Who produce it: This product is produced by Jarrow Formulas, a manufacturer in Los Angeles, California. Jarrow specializes in probiotics, but also produce a wide range of supplements and health products for the community.

Bottom line: It is made with organic ingredients, which is a plus for this supplement. On the other hand, various online reviewers said they didn’t like the taste, so keep that in mind please.

7. Source Naturals brown rice protein powder

Source Naturals brown rice protein powder

Source Naturals unpeeled protein powder is a simple and powerful rice protein powder produced by a very reputable company. It contains 6g of protein per serving, but the portion size is quite small and can easily be doubled. It is easily digestible, vegan friendly and a good overall product, although the amount of protein per portion is quite smaller.


  • 6g protein per serving
  • Only 30 calories per serving
  • Made by a good company
  • Made from brown rice
  • Simple way to stimulate proteins

what does it have in it:

  • 6g of protein from brown rice

Who produce it: This product is produced by Source Naturals, a well-known and reputable supplement manufacturer based in the USA. Source Naturals has been working hard for years to create innovative and effective nutritional supplements for the community.

Bottom line: The portion size is quite small, so you want to take more than one portion at a time. It is also a bit expensive for what it is.

8. Now Foods Sprouted Brown Rice Protein

Now Foods Sprouted Brown Rice Protein

NOW Foods Sprouted Brown Rice Protein is a simple rice protein powder produced by one of the best known companies in the sector of supplements. It contains non-GMO brown rice protein concentrate and nothing else in it. Strangely, NOW uses a very small portion of only one tablespoon, containing only 4g of protein. You can of course simply take several servings to achieve the desired amount of protein you want to consume.


  • 4g protein per portion (very small portion size)
  • Nothing but pure brown rice protein concentrate
  • Supported by one of the best companies in the industry
  • Good source of vegan-friendly protein
  • List typical amino acid profile per serving
  • affordable

what does it have in it:

  • 4g protein, from brown rice protein concentrate (germinated)

Who produce it: This product is produced by NOW Sports, a department of NOW Foods. NOW Sports is one of the biggest names in the health food and supplemental industry, producing hundreds of different products in multiple segments of the market. They are known for effective, no-frills products that get the job done.

Bottom line: This is a good product for a good price and supported by a good company also. The only drawback is the ultra-small portion size used on the product, but it is easy enough to take multiple portions.

9. Garden of Life Organic Vegan Protein Powder

Garden of Life Organic Vegan Protein Powder

Garden of Life Organic Vegan Tooth Protein Powder is an effective rice protein powder that contains much more than just rice protein in it. It is actually a mixture of proteins from various sources, including rice, pea, sprouts, linseed and more. Plus, with added vitamins and probiotics, this food product contains many bases.


  • 22g protein per serving
  • Protein from various vegetable sources
  • Added probiotics and vitamins
  • A complete power switch in one
  • Made by a good company
  • Organic

what does it have in it:

  • 22g protein, from a mixture of pea, rice, hemp protein and vegetable sprouts
  • Added enzymes, probiotics, vitamins and more

Who produce it: This product is produced by Garden of Life, a producer of organic, non-GMO, and raw supplements and health food. They focus on using whole grain to design innovative and effective supplements for their customers, focusing on all aspects of health.

Bottom line: This is a good choice that covers many bases, because it contains many of the things you would want to find in a food shake. That said, it is quite expensive for the number of portions that it delivers.

10. Orgain plant-based protein powder

Orgain plant-based protein powder

Orgain Plant-Based Protein Powder is a unique blend of various proteins that serve as a very popular vegan protein source. You probably saw this brand at your local health food store or even warehouse club, because Orgain is now popular. It contains a mixture of rice protein, pea protein, hemp protein, Chia seeds, and more to create a balanced, complete protein with a good amino acid profile.


  • 21g of protein per serving
  • Made with a mixture of rice, pea, hemp protein + more
  • Delicious chocolate fudge taste
  • A very popular vegan protein powder
  • Tending easier to mix than regular rice protein powders
  • Made by a famous, reputable company
  • Organic

what does it have in it:

  • 21g protein, from rice protein, pea protein, hemp protein, Chia seeds and more

Who produce it: This product is produced by Orgain, a major manufacturer of organic foods, protein powders, shakes and more. Orgain specializes in organic products based on natural proteins, so that they can integrate and make their handwork perfectly. They are now one of the largest producers in this niche market.

Bottom line: If you are just looking for a good vegan-friendly protein powder and you don’t necessarily have to stick to rice proteins, than this is a good option for you. It’s a popular product and a little more expensive than most on our list, but it’s still a good option for any person.

What is the healthiest protein powder?

Hemp Protein powder is one of the healthiest protein powder

This vegetable and protein-rich source is made from Hemp seeds. The seeds come from the Hemp plant
However, this substance is used for purposes other than Hemp Protein powder. Do you want to know why the protein is used? And where you can buy it? Then read on!

What is hemp protein powder?

The powder is made from the seeds of Hemp plants and is known to taste slightly nutty. The digestibility of the proteins is quite high, which means that it is ideal as a supplement for athletes.

Hemp seed contains approximately 45 percent oil, 35% protein and 10% carbohydrates. In addition to the health benefits, it is also good for the environment since no harmful substances need to be used during cultivation. This way you are also environmentally friendly in addition to being healthy!

As you may know, proteins consist of amino acids. Hemp protein contains 20 of the 22 existing amino acids, including even the 9 essential amino acids. In addition, Hemp protein also supplies the essential fatty acids Omega-3 and Omega-6.

What benefits does Hemp Protein have?

There are a number of reasons why the protein powder is used but which are not unique. Hemp protein is a vegetable protein. Like other vegetable proteins, Hemp protein is suitable for vegans, contains more minerals, vitamins and antioxidants and has more health benefits than animal proteins.

But what other benefits does Hemp protein powder have?

Protein-rich and unique amino acid profile

Hemp protein has a unique amino acid profile. No other vegetable source of protein contains as many amino acids as Hemp. All 9 of the essential amino acids are present in Hemp protein powder.

Hemp protein is of excellent quality due to the concentration of the amino acids. Proteins with more complete amino acid profiles are better digested. That makes it a suitable supplement to take for a workout.

Safest source of protein

The cultivation of Hemp is done organically. The method uses hardly any substances that remain in the supplement that can be harmful to people. Hemp in general is a safe source of protein. You don’t have to be afraid of harmful pesticides in your protein shake.

Hemp protein increases the immune system

By consuming Hemp protein powder, you can easily boost your immune system! Hemp seeds contain the spherical vegetable proteins edestin (65 percent to 67 percent) and albumin (33 percent to 35 percent). These globular proteins are responsible for enzymatic functions in the blood plasma, along with the formation of antibodies, making them crucial for strong immune function.

Hemp protein is healthy for the heart (GLA acid)

An advantage in general is that Hemp protein is healthy for the heart. The food is naturally rich in essential Omega fatty acids. Gamma-Linolenic Acid (GLA) in particular is abundantly present. Research has shown that people with a GLA deficiency have a greater risk of bone loss than people with a normal level of GLA.

Hemp protein could also affect heart conditions in a good way and generally improve health.

Other purposes
Due to the high dose of GLA, Hemp protein is another health benefit. It has been observed that it helps people with:

  • ADHD
  • Chest pain
  • Diabetes
  • Heart disease
  • Skin allergies
  • Obesity

Nutritional values ​​of the Hemp protein

Hemp contains many healthy ingredients such as dietary fiber, chlorophyll, minerals and antioxidants. Furthermore, it contains no saturated fat, sugar, cholesterol or sodium. Hemp seed contains the following nutritional values ​​per 100 grams:

  • 600 kcal
  • 33.2 grams of protein
  • 5.2 grams of carbohydrates
  • 47.5 grams of fat
  • 4.9 grams of fiber

Given the above data, you probably understand why Hemp protein powder is rich in protein. 33.2 grams of protein per 100 grams is a lot for foods.

During the production process of grinding, peeling and sieving, it is ensured that the Hemp proteins remain and a healthy protein powder is created.

The supplement is also rich in the minerals magnesium, iron, calcium and potassium. Important for the growth and functioning of muscles in the body.

What forms are there?

You use Hemp protein depending on the form in which you buy it. It is available in powder form and capsule form.
Powder form is by far the best known form of protein. People who have problems swallowing pills and capsules prefer it. The protein powder can be absorbed by the body immediately after ingestion. Because there is direct contact with the substance in the mouth, an artificial taste is often added.

Caspules with supplements are easy to use and easy to carry. The release of the supplement occurs less quickly due to the cover. The amount that fits in capsules is limited, so it must be more concentrated to get enough. Hemp protein is therefore more often found in powder form.

How do you use Hemp protein?

Let’s assume that you can use it just like any other protein powder. It can be a good supplement to your diet to meet your protein needs.

Assuming you use a Hemp protein powder, you can mix it with your smoothie, shake, cottage cheese or yogurt. You can also use it when baking pancakes, protein bars, cake or bread.

One possibility is to take a Hemp protein shake before training so that your body absorbs the proteins as they are needed. If you are going to train, you can also take the shake as a recovery shake after training. Ideally, take it within 60 minutes of completing your training.

The dosage is completely dependent on you as a person and what your training goal is. Muscle growth as a goal requires a different amount than when you want to lose weight.

Where can you buy Hemp protein?

Hemp protein powder is somewhat easier to obtain than capsules. The powder is available in many different places. It is easy to order online.

When buying Hemp protein it is important that you pay attention to the ingredients. It only needs Hemp protein. You do not want to have added dairy, lactose or sweeteners. We have found the right variant for you at AMAZON

Hemp protein powder

Side effects of Hemp Protein

When ingesting proteins in general, it should be consumed in a healthy relationship to the protein target and other protein sources. The ideal protein intake differs per individual. If you want to be sure that you do not run any risks, consult a doctor or nutritionist.

The best known side effects of Hemp Protein powder are:

Slight form of diarrhea at the start of use. To prevent diarrhea, start with a low dose. By slowly increasing the dose, the body can get used to protein intake and the risk of diarrhea is reduced.
Promotion of herpes infection. People with a herpes infection must be careful with Hemp protein powder because of the relatively high content of arginine. Normally arginine is important for wound healing, hormone production and the immune system, but to a large extent it can promote herpes infection.
Autoimmune diseases. There has been no research into autoimmune diseases and Hemp seed, but it can have a too stimulating, negative effect on people with an autoimmune disease.

If you want to buy protein from brown rice on your own, than include the following tips in your choice:

  • Look for a rice protein powder that has been supplemented with quinoa or chia proteins. Or supplement with pea proteins when used.
  • Don’t go for the cheapest protein, but pay attention to the ingredients and the protein concentrate. Quality should be more important than price.
  • Before buying the product, check the leucine content per portion. Go for one with a minimum of 1.5 grams of leucine per serving.

More about side effects

No side effects

There are no proven side effects of rice protein powder with normal use. As with other protein powders, it can cause slight diarrhea with prolonged use. Furthermore, there is no evidence based on scientific research for harmful side effects.
We of course advise you to consult the instructions for use well and if in doubt consult your doctor before you start adding supplements to your diet.

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