Is soy good for building muscles?

building muscles with soy

The bodybuilding forums are full of messages about soy protein, one swears by it, the other says you should take whey protein better. Whatever you often hear coming back, athletes are afraid of the so-called phytoestrogens in soy protein, or the vegetable variant of human estrogen. And as we all know, you don’t want to have too much female estrogens in your body as a strength athlete! Is this fear justified? Does soy protein increase estrogen and at the same time lower male testosterone levels? With this article we are…

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What is the foreign exchange market?

foreign exchange

The foreign exchange market is a powerful and influential financial market that has made international headlines in recent years due to various currency crises. There was the crisis of the Turkish lira (2018), the Venezuelan bolivar (2008, 2018) or the Argentine peso (2017-2018). But so-called “strong” currencies, such as the Swiss franc (2015, so-called “franc shock”) or the US dollar (July 15, 2008, $ 16,083 per € 1, “World Bank predicts end of dollar rule” 2) also came up violently under pressure. The foreign exchange market is better known under…

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How to successfully use Instagram Stories for your business?

Instagram Stories

In 2010, Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger came up with the idea to share photos via an app for iPhones. The Unique Selling Point was the use of attractive filters to give a simple smartphone photo a bit more style. Furthermore, it was a platform that was very limited, think of the lack of an Android version and only square photos. Yet Instagram quickly became hugely popular with a wide audience. Facebook saw the potential of this competitor and bought the company two years later. More and more functions were…

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What Is Protein And Why Do You Need It?

protein food pumpkin seeds

Proteins are very important for the human body and for athletes among us, for muscle growth and recovery. But what are proteins anyway? In this article I explain everything you need to know about proteins and what the body does with them. Why proteins are important proteins are large molecules that consist of amino acids that our body and the cells that make up it need to function properly. Our body structure, functions, regulation of cellular maintenance and tissue cannot exist without protein. About 20 percent of a person’s total…

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How To Lose Weight

weight loss tips

Perhaps you have started losing weight based on the articles and tips on digitalstico. In that case: very good and congratulations! The first step in a new healthy lifestyle has been taken. Because this path is often characterized by multiple ups and downs, we want to give you a number of tips in this article to help you lose weight. Weight loss tips that will help you lose weight, but also when you need to repackage yourself if your motivation is lost. Basic rules To lose weight What are calories?…

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Is Brown Rice Protein A Complete Protein?


Rice protein is a vegetable protein isolate and, as the name suggests, is extracted from rice, mainly whole-grain rice. Rice protein isolate can be a good alternative for vegetarians and vegans and has some very interesting properties. How is rice protein isolate extracted? A common method is to treat whole grain rice with enzymes that separate the carbohydrates from the proteins. This ultimately results in a powder isolate, which is sometimes flavored and used in smoothies. Rice protein is hypo allergenic A big advantage of rice protein isolate is that…

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Is Brown Rice Protein Powder Good For You?

protein diet

short answer Brown rice protein powder is a ideal protein powder for weight loss Helps with muscle growth and recovery Has many health benefits Is a allergy-friendly protein Is suitable for vegetarians and vegans Has additional benefits compared to whey protein Rice may not be the first thing you think of if you want to get extra protein. In general, rice is known by athletes as a good source of carbohydrates, whatever it is. However, protein powder from brown rice is quite well known. Among other things, it is dairy…

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What To Do To Be Successful With Affiliate Marketing?

affiliate marketing guide

Short Checklist Knowing Which Product You Want To Promote Creating The Right Content Get A Own Website So You Can build a business for yourself. Do Keyword Research To Create The Right Content Write Articles For Your Website Having The Right Mindset Creating An Own List By Implementing Email Marketing If you are just starting out with affiliate marketing, or are planning to start affiliate marketing, chances are that you have no idea where to start. When I first read about affiliate marketing, I was amazed by the many things…

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REVIEW: Whey Perfection Special Series

Review Whey Perfection Special Series

Whey Perfection Special Series BENEFITS Contains 50% whey isolate 23 grams of protein per shake With real pieces of chocolate, fruit or vanilla No artificial flavors CONS More expensive than normal Whey Perfection Fewer different flavors The Whey Perfection Special Series Review About: Ease of use Taste Nutritional values Whey Perfection Special Series! Is unprecedentedly good in terms of nutritional values, composition and taste. Completely free from artificial additives, no less than 50% whey isolate, real pieces of fruit, chocolate or vanilla and sweetened with natural ingredients. Whey Perfection Special…

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